Wild Wild Guru

“Was he a wonderful guy, or was it a real mess?”

The question came from my new employer.

She deserved an honest answer and she got one.

“It was both,” I replied.

This book is unique because it tells the whole story of the life and times of the twentieth century’s most controversial spiritual mystic, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho).

It gives both sides of the picture:

  • The experience of Rajneesh as a powerful and magnetic mystic who opened the door to cosmic consciousness for thousands of people.
  • The mess his bold experiment created, not only for others but also for himself, after his commune in Oregon blew up in an explosion of crime and conflict, resulting in his arrest, imprisonment, conviction and deportation from America.

The book shows how Rajneesh’s rebellious teachings were bound to put him in conflict with society – something he knew from the start of his journey.

Up-close-and-personal, it gives an insider’s view of the wild days of sexual exploration and no-limits therapy groups at the mystic’s ashram in Pune, India, and also explains their purpose.

It describes the sudden shift from Pune to Oregon and the exuberant lifestyle of those ordinary people who arrived on a disused, 120 square-mile ranch and built a fully-operating town in just four years.

When a man is so controversial, like Rajneesh, books normally fall into opposing categories of “for” or “against.”

But this author embraces both sides and takes the reader beyond duality, beyond ideas of good and bad, into a totally different vision of reality.

This story is a roller coaster ride, humorously and touchingly told.

It contains deep insights into our assumptions about meditation, spirituality, religion and morality.

It is educational, entertaining and enlightening, all rolled into one.

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