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A Virus on the Beach

A shocking novel that exposes the harsh reality of Goa’s sex trafficking industry, which government reports confirm is now the biggest in India. Two young trafficked women, one from Nagaland and one from Nepal, meet a British tourist on the beach, during the pandemic lockdown, and seek his help in escaping their grim fate. Sucked into a world of criminals, gangsters and female escorts, the tourist finds himself taking increasingly desperate measures, including violence and killing.

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About Author

Subhuti Anand

Subhuti is a former political journalist, who worked in the British Houses of Parliament. He has met a variety of world leaders including Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Indira Gandhi, Chinese premier Chou En Lai, and Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. He came to India in 1976 to meet the controversial mystic, Osho, then known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Subhuti has written a book about his life with Osho, titled “Wild Wild Guru,” in response to the Netflix series “Wild Wild Country,” which was a worldwide hit, documenting the mystic’s move from India to Oregon, USA. In March 2020, Subhuti chose to remain in Goa during the nationwide lockdown, imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Defying the curfew, Subhuti walked every morning on Candolim beach and there he met two young women from North East India who had been working in a spa hotel in Calangute. It was their story that inspired Subhuti to write his novel, “A Virus on the Beach.” He wants to draw the world’s attention to the way thousands of women are trafficked in India by gangs who enjoy near immunity from prosecution. It is a work of fiction, but reflecting a brutal reality.